LOOK AT MY HORSE (also known as "Get on My Horse" and "Amazing Horse") is the most controversial internet phenomenon to date. Look at my horse my horse is amazing is a reminder of woman's discrimination and the extinction of transport by horses. My horse is amazing is a viral animation of an Amazing Horse and a courteous and honorable man wearing a top hat and yelling and singing with a woman "shut up woman get on my horse".

The gentleman and woman are singing and dancing to the music played by the amazing horse. Get my horse, myhorseisamazing, my amazing horse has funny lyrics. The my Amazing Horse video was uploaded to the enternets in September 2009. Shutupwomangetonmyhorse video has inspired other getonmyhorse fans to create their own covers such as the look at my horse mp3 which is available for download at the top of this page. Look my horse (http://www.lookatmyhorsemyhorseisamazing.com/) is sometimes misspelled as look at my hourse (http://lookatmyhorsemyhorseisamazing.com/).

If you are looking for the Amazing Horse mp3, please click on the links at the top of the page because horse is amazing (lookatmyhorsemyhorseisamazing com). Looking at my horse I noticed that this is my horse and lookatmyhorse myhorseisamazing. You can find the lyrics to shut up woman and get on my horse here or by clicking the top links.